E130: Randy Villahermosa, Executive Director of Innovation at The Aerospace Corporation – Interview

October 11, 2017


This interview is focused on one of the most innovative companies in the world and its head of innovation. It’s with Dr. Randy Villahermosa, the Executive Director of Innovation at The Aerospace Corporation located in El Segundo, CA. The Aerospace Corporation is a non-profit company that focuses on research and development mainly around aerospace and space systems. Randy is in charge of their internal innovation ecosystem, which is quite expansive.

Their innovation portfolio spans over 100 technical areas including space systems, satellites, nanomaterials, and laser systems. Let’s just say Randy keeps busy.

Here are some of the things we talked about:

– Hear about their week-long sabbatical program they give to staff to develop innovative ideas. It’s quite productive.
– What is Randy especially excited about? Self-assembling satellites? Yes, sounds crazy cool.
– What are some innovations that have come out of The Aerospace Corporation? You use some of these every day.
– Once they develop an interesting technology, then what? How do they get it into the world, find use cases?
– Hear how Randy deals with zombie projects.