E137: Melinda Richter, Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS – Interview

December 7, 2017


This interview with Melinda Richter is about the future of healthcare technology and innovations. Melinda is the Global Head, Johnson and Johnson Innovation, JLABS.

JLABS is essentially an accelerator on steroids, catalyzing startups and scientists to commercialize their technologies. JLABS removes the barriers that entrepreneurs face, liberating brilliant scientists to create amazing healthcare companies that have the potential to save lives and make people healthier.

Melinda also has a great background before JLABS including being the Founder and CEO of Prescience International, a firm that also helped accelerate early stage healthcare companies on a path to commercialization.

Melinda is located in San Francisco. She holds a bachelor degree from University of Saskatchewan in Canada and a MBA from INSEAD in France.

Some other things we talk about:

-What made you start Prescience Labs?
-What’s the philosophy behind JLABS? How is this different than other accelerators?
-If you were going to start a biotech company yourself, what would you do to give yourself the best chance at succeeding?
-What’s a good case study about a startup at JLABS? It’s a goody.
-How do you select which companies come into JLABS? How do you find them? How do you help them?