E145: Mike Cromheecke, co-Founder and CEO at SteamChain.io – Interview

February 15, 2018


Here’s a fun podcast around the blockchain. This podcast is part of our new series on all things blockchain called Flyover Block.

This interview is with Mike Cromheecke, CEO and co-Founder of Steamchain.io. SteamChain, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to offer usage-based financing (hardware-as-a-service) to their customers. And it’s built on the blockchain. Check out the podcast to understand what this means exactly.

Here are some other things we talk about:

-Why is it important to build SteamChain on top of the blockchain?
-Can you walk us through a case study how SteamChain would help an OEM?
-What is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)?
-What do you like to do in your free time?