E147: Tim Sylvester, Founder & CEO at Integrated Roadways – Interview

March 1, 2018


This podcast is about how to build roads of the future that include cellular 5g nodes and intelligence for self-driving cars.

To talk about this, Tim Sylvester, Founder and CEO of Integrated Roadways, joined us to talk about a better way to do road construction.

Integrated Roadways has a modular pavement system for road construction. These individual modules are loaded with sensors and can be dropped into place to form the road. They also have 5g embedded nodes in each module.

This is one of our first interviews for Flyover Labs focused on big ideas. These ideas that can and will impact your life. And hopefully will make you think about life and business in a new way.

Other things we talk about:

-What’s the advantage of connected roads?
-How did you come up with the idea? When did you start?
-Do you have any pilots in place?
-With your system how long does a road construction project take compared to conventional methods?