E78: Polina Anikeeva, Associate Professor, Bioelectronics at MIT – Interview

December 1, 2016


This forward thinking interview is with Polina Anikeeva. What she’s working on is fascinating. Polina is an associate professor at MIT. She obtained her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at MIT and post doc at Stanford. She’s head of the bioelectronics group at MIT.

Her research is focused on hybrid materials and devices that act as interpreters between man-made electronics and neural circuits. I’ll let her describe how they’re doing this. Her research is focused around the neural system, working on devices that can both record and manipulate the neural system. Her three research focus areas are around tissue engineering, flexible fiber probes, and nanomagnetic medicines.

I invited Polina on the show because bioelectronics is the future of medicine. And I was excited to hear more about what Polina is working on and her vision for the future.

Some other things we talk about:

-At the very end, Polina gives her advice to budding scientists. Follow your passion, not a strategy.
-What was it like growing up in St. Petersburg?
-How do your flexible probes work?
-Where do you want to take your flexible probes over the next 5-10 years?
-How does your nanomagnetic medicine work? It’s fascinating.
-How do you control the dosage?