E28: Jake Heller, CEO at Casetext – Interview

June 2, 2016


This great interview is with Jake Heller, co-Founder, CEO of Casetext. Casetext is a platform for attorneys to do legal research and contribute their own content. It’s pretty amazing the network Casetext and Jake have created in the last three years.

Jake has both a legal and technical background (he developed the first version of Casetext). That’s a rare combination. But that’s what made it possible for Jake to come up wit the idea and build Casetext. Jake shares how he did it.

Other questions Jake answers:

-How did you initially attract attorneys to the platform? He had an unexpected but nice marketing channel.
-How is Casetext different than traditional legal research?
-Why do attorneys contribute content?
-Where do you want to take Casetext in the future?