E14: Ty Staviski, CFO at Milwaukee Tool – Interview

April 5, 2016


Ty Staviski, CFO of Milwaukee Tool, has helped lead Milwaukee Tool’s growth from $475MM in annual revenue in 2008 to over $2B today. That’s explosive. Here how Ty manages that growth from the CFO perspective. It’s interesting.

Here are some questions Ty answered:

-Were there certain critical points in your career that helped you become CFO?
-Ty was an engineer but interested in the financial side of things. Why?
-For new products, how does your team help evaluate its potential? What do you look at? What questions do you ask?
-As CFO, what are your main priorities? Who’s on your team?
-How do you help spur innovation? What role do you play?
-What are your main issues with such fast growth?