E150: Niels Wolter, Owner Of Madison Solar Consulting – Interview

April 17, 2018


This podcast is part of our new theme on big ideas. This one is around solar. We’re going to have a series of podcasts diving into solar and what it takes to make it take off like a rocket. I want to figure out how we can make solar viable in the Midwest.

For this first podcast, we have Niels Wolter with us. Niels has a tremendous solar background, working on many different projects and initiatives. We’ll let Niels give the details.

For this first podcast, Niels is going to help us jump into solar. Where is it now and what’s the potential. In later podcasts, we’ll dive into even more details.

Did you know that payback for commercials projects is just 3-7 years, wow.

Here are some other things we talk about:

-What is the payback for residential in Wisconsin?
-What’s a power purchase agreement and why doesn’t Wisconsin have one?
-What are some ways Wisconsin could better promote solar?
-Could a home in the middle of the city go completely offgrid right now? Yes, it’d be costly and you’d need a whole lot of batteries.

Here’s how to contact Niels: Madison.Solar@me.com