E101: Eric Shamlin, Managing Director/Executive Producer at Secret Location – Interview

March 7, 2017


This is interview with Eric Shamlin is about using virtual reality to create experiences you won’t forget. Eric is the executive producer at Secret Location. They are a content studio for emerging platforms, mainly focusing on virtual reality. They have worked on shows like The Blacklist, LA Philharmonic, and Big Brother Canada.

Now they’re creating original content structured around VR. They’re creative, really creative. They’re pushing the boundaries around VR storytelling.

Eric has a wonderful background in media production and storytelling. It was a treat to interview him.

Here are some other things we talk about:

-How is producing traditional media different than VR? Very interesting.
-What projects is Secret Location working on now?
-How will VR impact education?
-What makes a story fit the VR medium?