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E151: Michael Vickerman, Program And Policy Director At RENEW Wisconsin - Interview

May 03, 2018 This podcast is part of our new theme on big ideas. It's the second podcast in our solar power series. This one is around solar policy and large scale installations in the Midwest, mainly Wisconsin. It's with Michael Vickerman. Michael is the Program and Policy Director at RENEW Wisconsin where he's been since 1991. Michael knows a lot of about renewable energy including solar. Get ready for an eye opening discussion around solar and alternative energy. Here are some other things we talk about: -Why isn't solar and renewables not more widespread in Wiscons...

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E150: Niels Wolter, Owner Of Madison Solar Consulting - Interview

April 17, 2018 This podcast is part of our new theme on big ideas. This one is around solar. We're going to have a series of podcasts diving into solar and what it takes to make it take off like a rocket. I want to figure out how we can make solar viable in the Midwest. For this first podcast, we have Niels Wolter with us. Niels has a tremendo...

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E149: Dan Gailey, CEO at Synapse AI - Interview

April 10, 2018 This is our new series on all things blockchain, called Flyover Block. This interview is with Dan Gailey, CEO at Synapse AI. They are building a next generation data platform on top of the blockchain. What they want to do is ambitious, connecting data from all different sources and pro...

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We're based in Madison, WI. We called our podcast Flyover Labs because Wisconsin and the Midwest are often called the flyover states. That means that innovators and investors and partners fly from one coast to the other. Of course that's not always true.

We want to shine a light on Midwest companies and technologies. But we'll also bring on companies from across the nation and world. We hope Flyov...

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