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E112: Adam Coates, Director of Baidu Silicon Valley AI Lab - Interview

May 24, 2017 I was lucky enough to interview Adam Coates. Adam is the director of Baidu's Silicon Valley AI Lab. Their lab's first big focus is Deep Speech, an end-to-end deep learning system for speech recognition. Here's a voice first texting/typing app created by Adam and his team. It's great. Talk type:

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E111: Sylvain Kalache, Co-Founder of Holberton School - Interview

May 16, 2017 This interview is with Sylvain Kalache. Sylvain is a co-Founder of the Holberton School. They have quite an interesting business model. They have a two year program to train people to become software developers. And it's free. Instead of tuition, the school takes a ...

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E110: Mark Bakken, Founder and Managing Partner at HealthX Ventures - Interview

May 09, 2017 This is a great interview with Mark Bakken. Mark is the founder and managing partner of HealthX Ventures. HealthX invests in early stage health IT companies. Some of their portfolio companies include R...

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We're based in Madison, WI. We called our podcast Flyover Labs because Wisconsin and the Midwest are often called the flyover states. That means that innovators and investors and partners fly from one coast to the other. Of course that's not always true.

We want to shine a light on Midwest companies and technologies. But we'll also bring on companies from across the nation and world. We hope Flyov...

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