E110: Mark Bakken, Founder and Managing Partner at HealthX Ventures – Interview

May 9, 2017


This is a great interview with Mark Bakken. Mark is the founder and managing partner of HealthX Ventures. HealthX invests in early stage health IT companies. Some of their portfolio companies include Redox, Pacifica, HealthiPass and ensodata.

Mark has a knack for understanding the future.

Before starting HealthX in 2015, Mark started Nordic Consulting Partners, which he turned into the largest Epic-focused consulting firm. Earlier in his career Mark started and sold Goliath Networks.

He’s located in Madison so this interview was in person.

Here are some other things we talked about:

-How did you know it was the right time to start Goliath and Nordic?
-When you started Nordic, there were a lot of competitors, how did Mark grow Nordic so quickly?
-Hear the details of Nordic’s HealthiPass investment.
-How do you screen all the potential companies that approach you?
-Yes, Mark has hit a hole-in-one in golf.