E128: Brian Hirsch, Founder & Managing Partner of Tribeca Venture Partners – Interview

September 27, 2017


This interview is all about venture capital in NYC. It’s with Brian Hirsch. He’s the co-Founder and Managing partner of Tribeca Venture Partners. Before that Brian has a long history of private equity and venture capital, which we get to hear about.

Brian has invested in a number of companies including MakersKit, AiCure, Mighty.com and CommonBond. We get to hear how Brian got into VC and the private equity world, what he’s learned and what he’s excited about now.

This interview is so NYC that Brian was actually taking the interview on the streets of NYC. That’s keepin’ it real.

Here are some other things we talk about:

-What is your personal investment process?
-How do you know if you’re investing in an “A” team?
-How did you get connected to ACV Auctions?
-What’s never discussed by VCs but makes up a large percentage of what matters?