E129: Georgio Mosis, Head of Innovation Management – Asia at RGA – Interview

October 4, 2017


This interview is about innovation and the future of reinsurance and insurance in Asia. It’s with Georgio Mosis. Georgio is the Head of Innovation Management in Asia for RGA, the Reinsurance Group of America.

Georgio focuses on making RGA more innovative in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and all across Asia.

Georgio has a great background including an MBA and PhD, as well as many years with Philips. In this interview we get to hear more about his background and how Georgio is making RGA more innovative and where reinsurance is headed.

Here are some other things we talk about:

-Is innovation in Asia different than in other parts of the world?
-What are you especially excited about?
-What’s something about the insurance industry that surprised you, could surprise us?