E133: John Dunne, Faculty Member at Center for Healthy Minds – UW Madison – Interview

November 1, 2017



This interview is about a healthy mind. It’s a little different interview for Flyover Labs. It’s with Dr. John Dunne who is a faculty member at the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He is also a Fellow of the Mind and Life Institute and also teaches at the Upaya Zen Center.

John received his PhD from Harvard in 1999.

John focuses on Buddhist philosophy in relation to the Cognitive sciences, including mindfulness.

The reason I asked John to come onto Flyover Labs was to learn more about his research and what he’s learned over the years about meditation, mindfulness and finding happiness.

We often talk about the latest in innovations across many industries. I thought our minds deserved at least one, and maybe many, podcasts.

Here are some other things we talk about:

-Can you tell if someone has meditated a lot when they enter a room?
-How do you determine if someone is an expert in meditation?
-What practices are best to become better at meditation?
-What type of research are you especially interested in now?
-Learn more about our mental models and reality.
-What is meta awareness? It’s amazing how our consciousness works.
-How does John deal with negative energy when he’s worried about something like an upcoming meeting?