E135: Joe Kremer, CEO of Isomark – Interview

November 15, 2017


This interview is about detecting infection in your breath. Yes, that stuff you breathe out. To do that we’re talking to Joe Kremer, CEO of Isomark. They’re located in Madison, WI so this interview is in person. What Isomark has built and discovered is pretty amazing.

Full disclosure, I used to be the CEO of Isomark before we brought in Joe to replace me, which was an excellent move for everyone.

We’ll talk to Joe to find out more details about what’s going-on at Isomark. We also get to hear more about what Joe has learned along the way.

Here are some other things we talk about:

-How does Isomark detect infection in breath? What’s the technology to make this happen?
-What have you learned about starting up clinical studies?
-How would Isomark’s tech work in the ICU?
-What does Joe like to do in his free time?