E140: Busy Burr, VP and Head of Health Care Trend and Innovation at Humana – Interview

January 10, 2018


This interview is about innovation around healthcare and health insurance. It’s with Busy Burr, a Vice President and Head of Health Care Trend and Innovation at Humana, and Founding Partner of Humana Health Ventures. She is based in Silicon Valley.

Humana is a huge well-being company and health-plan administrator, with over $54 billion in revenue in 2016.

At Humana, Busy is in charge of bringing more innovation to the company. She and her team seek out, support and partner with the best entrepreneurs and innovators who are driving change in the health care industry. Some of Humana’s investments and partnerships include Omada, Livongo and Aspire Health.

Before Humana, Busy had a wonderful background in diverse areas like investment banking, VP of global brand management at Gap, entrepreneur in residence at eBay, founder of a startup and lots of other things. She also holds a BA from Smith College and MBA from Stanford.

Oh, and she has been doing improv for many years.