E143: Joey Garcia, Blockchain Financial Services Partner at ISOLAS – Interview

February 1, 2018


This podcast is part our new series on all things blockchain, called Flyover Block. This interview is with Joey Garcia. Joey is a financial services attorney and partner at the law firm ISOLAS located in Gibraltar.

His main focus area is the blockchain and digital currencies. He’s recognized as one of the leading blockchain attorneys in the world. He co-chairs the Gibraltar Government working group/think tank on digital currencies. He has advised a number of blockchain start ups including helping Gnosis with their ICO.

I asked Joey to come on Flyover Block to learn more about how he thinks about the blockchain and digital currencies from the legal perspective, especially since the legal environment around the digital currencies is somewhat murky.

Here are some other things we talk about:

-Why Gibraltar for blockchain, crypto?
-What’s the future for ICOs? Could they be used to let any type of entity go public?
-From a legal perspective, what do you have to think about with an ICO?
-What types of companies should come to Gibraltar?