E146: Karla Thennes, Executive Director of Porchlight – Interview

February 22, 2018


This podcast is focused on the homeless and low income population, and ideas and practices how we can help them. This is different from our usual focus on business but I want to bring attention to more important social issues.

This interview is with Karla Thennes. She’s the Executive Director of Porchlight located in Madison, Wisconsin. Porchlight is the largest provider of housing in Dane County. They also operate the only nighttime emergency shelter for homeless men in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Porchlight is doing some very innovative things to help this population.

This is one of our first interviews for Flyover Labs focused on big ideas. These are ideas that can and will impact your life. These ideas will also hopefully make you think about life and business in a new way.

Here are some other things we talk about:

-What did you first do for Porchlight? (It made Karla’s Mom a bit nervous).
-Talk about some people who you’ve helped serve. Tell us their stories.
-How do you support the homeless population?
-What is Porchlight Products?
-How long is someone typically homeless, in transitional housing?
-What else needs to be done to help the homeless and transitional population?